Our Mission

Dr. Richard Grossman

Dr. Richard Grossman

We are all beings with vast experiences, some of which we call good, some of which we call bad, some painful, some filled with wonder. Some of these experiences have left us with guilt, regret, anger, and all the other burdens that make a heart, once “lighter than a feather,” weighed down and heavy.

It is the goal and mission of Heart Feather to help you lighten that burden. To give you real experiences of healing and joy.

We accomplish this through journeys to sacred lands and to retreat sites far from what we know of as civilization. Through work with indigineous and modern shamanic techniques, we help the healing work to lift the clouds that hide your true light and beauty.

It is our belief and experience that the deep level of healing available through the ancient techniques and medicines will help you to release the pain and suffering that no longer serve you or your purpose in your life.

Ilnesses can begin to heal. Our thoughts, emotions, and unhealed wounds can influence, not only our perceptions of reality, but our physical beings as well. They often cause pain and disease and can leave one with a life that is barely worth living. For indeed, healing the invisible wounds can often heal the visible symptoms.

Most importantly, we hope to help your heart become “lighter than a feather”, to help you experience Heaven in every moment of your life.

I would like to welcome you to this possibility. Healing and Love encompass and accept everyone. All that is required is a willingness to learn, to let go, to forgive, and to accept healing on a most fundamental level.

It is work.

Commitment is required.

And it is wonderful.

Welcome to the Heart Feather Journeys