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Journey to Peru 2017 – Itinerary

Many people choose to arrive a few days early, both to help with adjustment to the altitude and to see the many marvelous sights of Cuzco. If you choose this highly-recommended option, we can arrange accommodations for you as well as help you navigate changing money, places to eat, and places to explore.

Cuzco is a safe and friendly city, and a great city for procuring art and crafts of the high Andean people.

Day 1 – Official beginning of 2017 Journey to Peru

The journey begins. We gather today to enter the world of Medicine, Music, and Magic. Cuzco is the heart of the ancient Incan empire. A sacred city, full of life and color. It’s also, at 11,152 feet, amongst the highest cities in the world. We will meet you at the airport when your flight arrives and transport you to your very comfortable hotel. Oxygen will be provided as needed for the adjustment to the altitude. In the evening, we will gather for dinner and then have our first circle. Here, introductions will happen, the itinerary will be gone over in detail, and you will receive some of history and background of the area.

Day 2 – Mountain House Retreat

In the morning, we will transfer the fortunate participants of Medicine, Music, and Magic to our garden retreat site in the mountains above Cuzco. 

We will gather for more instructions and background, and, in the evening begin the first deep journey into the magical worlds of Ayahuasca, guided by both Richard and Jeremy.

Day 3 – Mountain House Retreat

In the mornings, we will gather for group sharing and guidance. Afterwards, there will be optional hiking in to visit sacred sites in the area, work with sacred snuffs, and other, spontaneous events. In the evening, we will have another Ayahuasca ceremony.

Day 4 – Mountain House Retreat

In the morning, we will gather again for group sharing and guidance. Afterwards we will share a San Pedro (Huachuma) ceremony, the Sacred Cactus of Peru. This will be an all-day into the evening ceremony, led by Jeremy and Richard, and Simon Myburgh. In the afternoon we will walk to sacred sites in the area of the mountain house, including the Temple of the Moon, Temple of the Monkey, the Temple of Waters, and others. In the evening we will gather around the fire and sing and tell stories.

Day 5 – Pisac

After council in the morning, we will visit the town of Pisac, a lovely Andean city that marks the beginning of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. On the way, we will stop at the animal sanctuary and meet with Condors, Pumas, Alpacas, Llamas, many birds and perhaps an Andean bear. We will return to the mountain House for an evening around the fire

Day 6 – Mountain House Retreat

A day of rest in preparation for the evening Ayahuasca Ceremony.

Day 7 – Mountain House Retreat

After morning council, there will be free time for rest or for activities in the area, including hiking and horseback riding. In the evening, we will have our 4th and final Ayahuasca Ceremony.

Day 8 – Travel to Ollantaytambo

We’ll have an early morning departure to begin the journey to Machu Picchu. On the way to Ollantaytambo, we’ll make a stop or two at some incredible and ancient sacred sites. We’ll arrive in at Ollaytaytambo in the afternoon, and have the afternoon free to explore this very interesting Andean village.

Day 9 – Travel to Machu Picchu

The morning will be spent exploring the Ollantaytambo Archeological site Then, in the afternoon, we’ll catch the afternoon train to Machu Picchu Village, for one of the most spectacular train rides in the world.

We’ll arrive in Machu Picchu Village – also known as Aguas Calientes, have dinner, and then get an early night’s sleep.

Day 10 – Machu Picchu

Here we have the frosting on the cake. You’ve done the work of cleansing and connecting to Spirit. In Machu Picchu we will experience one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We rise early, very early, so that we can be on one of the first busses up the mountain. We will be among the first to enter the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu where we will climb up a ways to get to the very best vantage point for sunrise.

After sunrise we will meet our guide, who will lead us into the mysteries and magic of Machu Picchu. There are no words.

After the tour, you will be free to stay in Machu Picchu until closing time, around sunset. This is the most beautiful time to be there as most of the people will be leaving around 3pm. Experiencing Machu Picchu in the magical afternoon light is a photographers dream.

In the evening we will gather for a meal to share our experiences.

Day 11 – Return to the Mountain House

We catch an early morning train back to Ollantaytambo, where we will meet our bus.

As we drive back to Cuzco, we will stop at a traditional Chicheria where Chicha, the beer like drink of the Andes is made. This is an incredibly important part of Andean culture, and here you will learn how Chicha is made and have an opportunity not only to sample several varieties, but to play “Sapo”, the most popular game of the region. This stop is filled with fun!

Afterwards, we will travel both to the site of Moray, known as the agricultural research station to archeologists, but recognized as an incredible vortex of energy by those open to perceiving it.

Then to Chinchero, a small mountain village known for beautiful textiles and clothing. We’ll get a first-hand demonstration of how plants and minerals are turned into dye, and how alpaca fur is turned into the beautiful sweaters, scarfs, ponchos and caps famous in the region. Few walk away without new clothing!

We’ll arrive in Cuzco in the evening for a well-deserved rest.

Day 12 – Final San Pedro Day

We’ll start ceremony early in the morning. This is the consolidation of the entire Journey. A time to go deeper and reflect on what was experienced, learned, and seen.

A beautiful last day of the 2017 Journey to Peru.

Day 13 – Departure

All too soon we reach our departure day. We leave the magic of the Andes (unless you are going to the jungle!), but the memories and magic of the 2017 Journey to Peru will never leave. For those who wish to stay an extra day, or for those who are going on the jungle extension, we will all meet for dinner after a day of visiting the sights of Cuzco.

Disclaimer: We are traveling in a third world country, so the schedule probably won’t be, but may be subject to change.

Your Hosts in this Journey

Dr. Richard Grossman

Dr. Richard Grossman

Main host and organizer

Jeremy Donovan

Jeremy Donovan

Co-host. Indigenous Australian Healer. Musician, artist, and story teller.

Richard about Jeremy: Jeremy Donovan, my dear friend and brother from another mother, will be joining us on the 2017 Journey to Peru. Those of you who have had the privilege to be in a ceremony with Jeremy already know how incredible an experience it is. For those of you who don’t yet know, it’s hard to put into words. Jeremy is recognized as one of the best didgeridoo players in the world. He is also an amazing healer, carrying a tradition from Australia that goes back to the dawn of time. He shares his wisdom both in and out of ceremony, and it’s a rare honor for both of us to be able to work together again.

He’s also an amazing artist, and if the participants would like, he can give a workshop on painting.  I took one of his workshops years ago, and to date, it’s the best (and only) piece of painted art that I keep on display.

Jeremy’s Biography.

Simon Myburgh

Simon Myburgh

Co-host. San Pedro ceremonies.

Simon Myburgh has been arranging and leading magical excursions in Peru for all of his adult life. He is a Peruvian citizen originally from South Africa. Simon is an expert in the Sacred valley and Machu Picchu, and is well known for the beautiful San Pedro ceremonies he leads – as well as his great personality and sense of humor. Heart Feather Tours has been working with Simon for many years, and it’s an honor to have him with us again for the 2017 Journey to Peru.

Journey to Peru 2016 Photos

Somehow every year is more beautiful than the last one – so you are in for a treat! See full photo gallery here.

Eco-adventure Jungle extension

Not ready to go home yet? 🙂

Journey to Peru 2017 – Eco-adventure (Jungle Extenstion)

July 24th — Day 1 — Puerto Maldonado, Puerto Capitanía, CAIMAN COCHA

Upon your arrival in Puerto Maldonado, Peru’s capital of biodiversity, we will welcome you at the airport. Then, we’ll start our program by visiting the city on a bus.

Then, we will go to Puerto Capitanía, the port where our riverboat will be waiting for us. We will sail across Rio Bajo Madre de Dios (Winding River) until arriving at our lodge, 30 km away from Puerto Maldonado City.

On our way, you will be able to observe rural lands destined to agricultural and livestock activities near the city. If the weather is good, you will sight colorful plants like the large-flowered heliconias, and you will have the chance to observe diverse animals such as the capybaras, caimans, water turtles, herons, cormorants, carrion birds and birds of prey.

Upon the arrival in our lodge, you will be welcomed with delicious Amazon tropical fruit nectars and taken to your comfortable room (bungalow) reserved for the occasion. Once you are settled in the room, a hearty lunch will be served for you in our warm, rustically designed dining room.


In the afternoon, our specialized guide will take you through an interpretive trail, conveniently signposted, to Caiman Cocha, a little lagoon where you will have the chance to observe the black caiman and the common caiman, as well as efficient predators located at the top of the food chain. They feed on a rich water fauna—mainly represented by fish— that inhabits the pond.

At dusk, you will witness the spectacular sunset over the Amazon region, an experience full of color in overwhelming ranges and intensities.

Back in the lodge, a delicious dinner will await you and you will have free time to share unforgettable moments at the bar, equipped with and excellent game room and all the drinks you can imagine.

The night fauna will lull you to sleep with the melody of a huge number of bird songs and calls.


The singing birds of paradise will wake you up renewed. A hearty breakfast will provide the energy for a morning full of new experiences.

After breakfast, we will start a hike to the deep forest on conveniently prepared, preserved and signposted trails. On the way, we will cross the riverside to reach high-elevation forests, and then we will descend to floodable forests, to go up again to the hills. During the journey, we will see the widest range of flora and fauna in the wild.

Along the way, we will see diverse species of medicinal plants and fruit trees supporting the animal and human populations in the Amazon forests. Some of the most important are the moriche palm, mahogany, chestnut, catahua, cedar, trumpet-wood, copaiba, and shihuahuaco, among others.

With luck and in silence, you can see bigger mammals, like the Brazilian tapir and the white-lipped peccary; rodents like the giant otter, the capybara, the spotted paca and the armadillo; primates like the coto or howler monkey, the squirrel monkey, the lion monkey and the black-cap capuchin monkey; reptiles like the iguana and the bothrops atrox; amphibians like the toad and birds like the guan, the partridge, the golden parakeet and the blue, yellow and red macaw.

In the rainy jungle you will see insects such as butterflies (Lepidoptera), scarabs (Coleoptera), crickets, cicadas, ants, centipedes and millipedes of several species.

We’ll arrive at the majestic Lake Apu Victor surrounded by immense swamps and gigantic trees. Then, we’ll go up to an Amazonian observation deck, from which you’ll get to enjoy a panoramic view on the lake, observe parrots, macaws, toucans, horned screamers, hoatzins, herons and other animals like caimans, turtles, etc.

A wide variety of fishes enters Lake Apu Victor with the flooding of (heavy) rainy season. In addition, there are other species of fauna associated to the lake, like the yellow-footed tortoise, the mata mata, the twist-necked turtle, the freshwater blenny, the kinkajou, the white- tailed deer, the Central American agoutis and the giant otter of the Amazon rainforest.

Back in the lodge, a refreshing lunch will be waiting for you.

In the afternoon, joined with our specialized guide, we will visit the Monkey Island, few minutes away from the lodge in the center of Madre de Dios River. This island shows an enormous variety of exuberant flora and hosts numerous primate specimens like the black spider monkey, the black-cap capuchin monkey, the squirrel monkey and the lion monkey. Also other species of little mammals like the ring- tailed coati (nasua nasua), the squirrel and an enormous variety of colored birds.

Finally, we will complete our visit to the island, enjoying a sunset with the most impressive dusk in the jungle. Back in the lodge, you will taste an exquisite dinner.

July 26th — Day 3 — LOST COCHA

Magic begins with birds singing from the Amazon paradise, waking up to the howler monkey calls. A hearty breakfast will provide you with the necessary energy for a morning full of new experiences.

After breakfast, we will start an adventure in the virgin forest, accompanied by a local guide, we’ll go on a hike in the deep forest: we will cover very well preserved prepared trails of our interpretive tour. On our way, we will cross temporary water courses called tributaries through very well-kept bridges, and we’ll witness the widest range of flora and fauna in the wild. We’ll identify a great variety of ornamental plants with unparalleled beauty.

En route to the Lost Cocha, we will see diverse species of medicinal plants and fruit trees that support the animal populations in the Amazon forest.

With luck, you’ll get to see bigger mammals, like the jaguar or Peruvian jaguar, the Brazilian tapir and the white-lipped peccary; rodents like the giant otter, the capybara, the spotted paca and the armadillo; primates like the coto or howler monkey and the squirrel monkey; reptiles like the iguana and the bothrops atrox; amphibians like the toad, and birds like the guan, the partridge, the golden parakeet and the scarlet macaw.

The rivers leave behind wetland systems, lakes, ponds and bends, like the spectacular Lost Cocha.

Wetlands play an ecological role of great importance since they represent a substantial biological source with endemic species. They are shelter of mammals. These swamps comprise 60% of the area protected and restored by Eco Amazonia Lodge.

The presence of moriche palm is very important for Amazonian ethnic groups. It is a mystery plant considered mother of the forest or the tree of life.

The swamp is home of jealous guardians like the jaguar, feline considered son of the swamp; the anaconda, the world’s biggest snake; the owl that sees everything from its dwelling at the top of the trees, to cure all ills, and the black caiman, guardian that punishes those that dare to steal the female moriche palm fruit. Once in Lost Cocha, we will go up to an enormous observation platform. From this lookout, you will see the enormous surface that this magic place covers and where you can see two types of swamps: thick and mixed.

Then, we will take a pleasant walk around the Lost Cocha and with luck you’ll get to see the “giant otter” or Pteronurabrasiliensis, the biggest in its type and one of the most impressive animals of the Amazon region.

Back in the lodge, you can enjoy an exquisite lunch.

In the afternoon, you have free time to take pictures around the lodge, and you will have the possibility to visit the botanical garden and observe our medicinal plants and fruit trees.

At night, you can enjoy a delicious dinner. If you are not tired, you can enjoy a fun night at the bar and game room.

July 27th — Day 4 — Back to Puerto Maldonado

The singing birds of paradise will wake you up and the powerful roar of the howler monkey will warn you that you are still in its territory and that it is time to leave.

In our dining room, a delicious breakfast will await you before going back to Puerto Maldonado.


  • Shuttle service from/to airport
  • All meals
  • Accommodation in comfortable traditional bungalows
  • All trips/excursions with a specialized guide

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